Edit Wars

Edit Wars is an interactive artistic project based on an analysis of media publications accompanying the growing militarization and manipulation of mass consciousness in Russia. The project addresses the use of aggressive narratives in the government-controlled media that isolate public perception from the real state of affairs. The research part of the project combines the use of quantitative and qualitative methods of working with data from large datasets to draw meaningful conclusions for the presentation. The artistic part of the project aims to put the findings into a multimedia interactive medium

Constant information pressure, news distortion and obfuscation are the harsh reality of Russia. Right now, we are seeing information warfare turning into a rocket war with mass killings and collective trauma. And the blame for unleashing this war lies also with state propaganda. We believe that developing critical thinking and the ability to resist manipulation will help keep things sane. 



We are four data journalists and artists residing in Georgia and Germany, with human rights, media design and a software engineering background: Alberto Harres, Maiia Guseva, Slava Romanov, Sofya Ozga.

What is common is the interest in communicating world problems through language and digital medium.


Alberto Harres:

Maiia Guseva:

Slava Romanov:

Sofya Ozga:

Project updates

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Applied Tools

  • BERTopic – BERT and c-TF-IDF to create easily interpretable topics
  • Spacy – Industrial-strength Natural Language Processing in Python

For more information, have a look at our MediaFutures Data Catalogue for Experiment Support.

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    MediaFutures is part of the S+T+ARTS ecosystem.

    MediaFutures is part of the S+T+ARTS ecosystem.