OCHI – Media literacy edutainment App

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Ochi app turns screen time into learning media-literacy time. It’s the Tamagotchi for the new generation! 

Parents often give a gadget to a child to free up time for themselves. However, parents often feel guilty because they are not sure about the quality of the content (for example, videos on YouTube). With the Ochi app, youth can learn new things in media literacy, so parents don’t feel guilty. And it’s fun, so children love it as well. There is an array of games and tests in the app on topics like hate speech, echo chambers, fakes, work of algorithms, gatekeepers, trolling, stereotypes, cognitive biases, and many others. All created by professional experts and proven by child psychologists. The distinguishing feature of our app is its gamification: a personal dinosaur in augmented reality, which sustains from the regular involvement in the app and develops together with the child’s knowledge. The efficiency of incorporating media literacy into entertainment is backed up by research and practice – just take a look at school curricula of countries, which are high on the Media Literacy Index (like Finland, Estonia, or Sweden). 

About our team

Kunsht is a popular science media platform. Our team creates popular science media, prepares science programs every year at book fairs and festivals, like Book Arsenal and Lviv Book Forum. Kunsht organised science events at the museums, called Science After Dark. Kunsht also prepares podcasts, popular science videos for Intercity trains and the Kyiv metro, educational courses on digital skills on the National learning platform “Diia”

We have launched such podcasts as Bude tobi nauka (this podcast has over 1million unique downloads and it was selected by the Apple team and placed in the featured section on Apple podcasts). Post pravdy podcast about media literacy and many others. Kunsht team got the award for “High journalistic standards” in the category ’niche and regional media’ in 2019. In cooperation with Prague civil society center, we mentored and helped launch over 20 podcasts of social activists in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. In cooperation with Goethe Institut and Tactical Tech we created an offline and online exhibition on the topic of digital sovereignty called Data CTRL Centre. Members of Kunsht’s team were recognized with such awards as “shortlist of BBC book of the year in 2020”, “UNICEF changemaker”, and journalistic award “PRESSZVANIE”.


Project updates

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Applied Tools

  • Lightship – Software development kit for augmented reality based on Unity

For more information, have a look at our MediaFutures Data Catalogue for Experiment Support.

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MediaFutures was part of the S+T+ARTS ecosystem.

MediaFutures is part of the S+T+ARTS ecosystem.