What are the lessons and learnings early-stage startups take that they will never forget throughout their career? The NMA VC posed this question to its batch 12 startups in mid-October, when celebrating the graduation of their Accelerator program. Here are the answers. 

Be bold and dream big

Our goal determines our path to success. Take one step at a time, but the founders of HYPE 1000, a Corporate Podcast Solutions Provider, make it clear: 

You need to be bold, you need to really dream big because there’s gonna be so many obstacles that you’re gonna stand against. 

Focus on a strong team

Business only works when everyone pulls together – the founders of Scriptbakery, a digital tool for the analysis and management of text and audio, are convinced of that: 

Focus on what really matters, that’s to build a strong core team. It’s not a one-man show. 

Leave your comfort zone

There are many hurdles to overcome on the road to success. The founder of WhoCan,  an all-in-one platform that helps to plan, produce and deliver content, makes it clear that this takes some overcoming: 

The main challenge that all startups face is getting out of their comfort zone, especially when it comes to talking and winning the first customers.

Show the benefit

Above all, success means convincing customers of your product. This can only be achieved by highlighting the added value. That’s how you get customers to pay for your service, as the founders of Medien Insider, a web magazine for media professionals, report: 

To find new users is very important. Not just to give them some content and to share content – you have to make people be willing to pay for it as well.


Year after year, NMA VC helps media startups take their business model to the next level and climb the ladder of success: We provide them with funding, workshops, mentoring and networking to get them ready to hit the ground running. This makes us the leading pan-European startup program for innovation in media and marketing. We are very happy that Batch 12 was again such a success and that the startups go out into the world strengthened, trained and full of knowledge and joy.




Watch the NMA’s graduation talk show in full here.