In March, after gathering in Barcelona, the teams of the 3rd MediaFutures cohort had two interesting opportunities to progress with their projects and meet their goals.

On March the 8th 2023, the MediaFutures programme organised a collective Mid-term meeting to offer to the artists and startups the chance to share their learnings and challenges. In particular, during this event the projects teams could prepare an update on their progress to present to other artists and startups, exchanging experiences and ideas. This collective mid-term was accompanied by individual meetings with each team. Those individual meetings allowed the advisors to go into the details of each project, understand the pivots, issues and advances. It was also the perfect moment to check their objectives at mid-term and make sure they are feeling comfortable with the programme.

Moverover, on Tuesday the 14th of March, the 3rd MediaFutures Dissemination Circle took place gathering the artists currently supported by our programme and curators / cultural partners from different countries. It gave artists the opportunity to present their project to disseminators and potentially find places to exhibit / showcase their work.  

Thank you to the teams for their involvement in the programme and their great progress, and to the cultural partners for sharing their time and expertise with the artists.

By DEN Institute & IRCAM