In February, we meet our 3rd cohort in Barcelona!

What a pleasure to organise a MediaFutures gathering in Spain. From February 23 to 25 (and even more for some aficionados) the artists and startups from Cohort 3 will meet in Barcelona. The aim of this gathering is to meet in person, network, learn more from each other, but also get trained on specific topics (Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Creativity, data vizualisation, legal & ethical media application of AI, etc.) and discover other initiatives from Barcelona. 

During 2 days, the teams will be alternating between training sessions, talks, workshops and social moments. We will also have the chance to visit some prestigious cultural places such as IDEAL digital art cente,, the new studio of Domestic Data Streamers and meet with great speakers like Antònia Folguera (Sonar +D, Barcelona Community Radio Network), Marc Hernandez (La Tempesta), Jaime J. Candau (isnotTV), Jordi Sellas (IDEAL), Pense ( and Pau Garcia (Domestic Data Streamers).

After the MediaFutures gathering, most of the startups will stay over the weekend and take part in 4YFN, the startup event of the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry Mobile World Congress. They will have the opportunity to present their project in a booth, network with investors, meet with potential clients and partners. 

This meeting would not be possible without our dear partner Espronceda, Institute of Art and culture. The incredible team from this residency and gallery space will host us for a part of the gathering. What a chance to organise the meeting inside the gallery, having access to great expertise and equipment!

Gallery - Espronceda

Gallery – Espronceda