On Wednesday, 8th of March 2023, the Strategic Stakeholders Group Meeting of EUHubs4Data took place where Alexandra Garatzogianni, Gerrit Rosam and Michael Fribus from the Leibniz University of Hannover have represented the H2020 MediaFutures project.

EUH4D is establishing the reference federation in Europe for cross-border data driven experimentation and innovation, providing a complete pan-European catalogue of data sources and services to foster data driven innovation at local and regional level.

Therefore, it organizes its first Strategic Stakeholder Meeting to present the achievements and status of the EUH4D project, get to know the strategic stakeholders, to showcase the presence of the Hubs belonging to the EUH4D project, and to promote collaborations between the hubs and the Strategic Stakeholders to create the basis for a future collaboration.

Gerrit Rosam, Project Manager and Business Developer has presented the MediaFutures project and elaborated on how our project can interact with the future federation of Hubs that EUH4D strives to create.

By Leibniz University Hannover