NGI Explorers final event celebrated the recognition of remarkable

EU-US collaborations granted in the NGI Explorers

The NGI Explorer program came to an end and its consortium has decided to treat the community of bright minds and exceptional individuals that have made the program so successful to a unique event, meant to celebrate the amazing results achieved together: the NGI Explorers Oscars.

Each of the Explorers was asked to pitch their project in a brief demo session, to showcase their results and project highlights, divided by core technology cluster. These projects have been carried out by European researchers and innovators directly working with US interdisciplinary, tech-driven collaborative groups in the following domains: AI, Cybersecurity, Cloud/Edge Computing, IoT, 5G; and verticals: health, smart cities and buildings, network security and connectivity, smart transport, and tourism.

The contestants were then evaluated by a top-notch and well-rounded jury panel with solid knowledge and skill in technology and business, including Alexandra Garatzogianni, our MediaFutures & TRUSTS Coordinator and PLATOON Work Package Lead. Moreover Michael Fribus and Gerrit Rosam, innovation experts and project managers of TRUSTS, MediaFutures and PLATOON also attended the event and participated in the networking sessions.

The NGI Explorers would like to thank every US Node for their interest, commitment, energy, enthusiasm, and engagement in the program. They are the core part of this collective journey of ongoing efforts to strengthen the EU-US cooperative and vibrant ecosystem.

The NGI Explorers Program sponsored immersive missions to the United States for Top European Internet researchers and innovators, providing them with the skills, the network and the resources to accelerate their ambitious ideas. The program thus sought to empower these change-makers to position Europe into the powerhouse of the Next Generation Internet.

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