You are invited to Media Futures Demo Day! 

MediaFutures is a three-year European innovation project that aims at contributing to high-quality media activities. Through three Open Calls, startups and artists will encourage citizens to engage more meaningfully with high-quality journalism, science education, and digital citizenship by using different pilots, artworks, and experiences. This year, 12 teams will be competing in a final round on September 23rd, 2021 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm where participants will showcase their projects and artworks in an online event. 


The schedule will be as follows: 

10:00 Welcome and introduction 

10:10  Startups for Citizens (SfC track)

10:15 BKYNDR
An innovative bridging tool rethinking data communication. Applying the concept of data feminism and immersive storytelling to enable deep engagement and reflection around complex and dividing topics. 

10:30 GoKind
Combining the power of sustainability data, AI & EU’s Open Banking framework, to radically improve citizens’ access to relevant news and insights on companies’ sustainability & equality works.  

10:45 SURU Together
Reducing the impact of homophily in local communities with contrasting views. 

11:00 Free time to explore the booths / discuss with participants

11:15 Startups meet Artists (SmA track)

A tool supporting quality journalism by generating a large and complex semantic model of published news and scientific work. It allows discovering novel angles on new stories and alternative voices to interview and report.

11:35 Biblio-Graph
A collective mapping, visualization and reading tool enhancing complex bodies of data in cultural libraries. 

11:50 PONTE
Software designed to capture and sort micro-narratives, encouraging users to interpret and apply meaning to their own narratives.

12:05 HyperViz
A digital experience and tool built on multi-layered imaging of hyperspectral data aiming to make complex data accessible to the general public. 

12:20 Free time to explore the booths / discuss with participants

12:35 Artists for Media (AfM track)

12:40 Soft Evidence by Ania Catherine & Dejha Ti
A series of synthetic scenes that never happened – films manipulated by machines trained to lie.

12:55 The Evil Magic Mirror by Obvious Collective
An interactive artwork which shed light on the new possibilities of misinformation brought by AI deepfake technologies.

13:10 Social Sandwich by Fast Familiar
A playful experiment with anonymous strangers to determine the trustworthiness of the news that appears online.

13:25 730 hours of Violence by Domestic Data Streamers
A global discussion, in the form of an exhibition and a digital platform, about how we co.llectively see and relate to new paradigms of violence

13:40 Critical Climate Machine by Gaëtan Robillard
A project which quantifies and reveals the mechanisms of misinformation on global warming.

13:55 Free time to explore the booths / discuss with participants

14:10 Prize announcement 

14:30 Free time to explore the booths / discuss with participants

15:00 End of the DemoDay

We invite you to participate and engage with the Media Futures community! Register here and join us on September 23rd!