On Monday, 22nd of May 2023, the S+T+ARTS  Family Meeting took place where Alexandra Garatzogianni, Gerrit Rosam and Michael Fribus from the Leibniz University of Hannover have represented the H2020 MediaFutures project.

The European Commission has launched the STARTS initiative to drive innovation at the nexus of Science, Technology, and the ARTS. The STARTS initiative fosters co-creation processes between dancers, visual artists, painters, designers, and engineers, developers, sociologists, physicists, or machine learning specialists lead to ground-breaking explorations on our current social and economic challenges.

During the Family Meeting multiple projects have presented their work and discussed synergies as well as avenues for collaboration. Gerrit Rosam has presented the MediaFutures Project, which is currently supporting its third cohort of startups and artists tackling the issue of misinformation and disinformation in Media. During the presentation, multiple achievements and milestones were highlighted, including the support of over 65 startup and artist projects as well as the project’s strong focus on social impact in the media domain. Among a variety of different tasks MediaFutures is currently focusing its efforts on shaping Policy Briefs covering the topics of Misinformation & Disinformation, GDPR & regulatory issues in media as well as Innovation in Arts & Entrepreneurship. During the meeting collaboration opportunities on policy making as well as other topics have been discussed.

Many other interesting projects such as STARTS Prize, MUSAE, Hungry Ecocities, ReSilience, STARTS in the City, GRIN, AIR, STARTS4AFRICA, BetterFactory and Vojtex presented their work and discussed complementary aspects of their projects.

By Leibniz University Hannover