An interactive Audiowalk from HELLA LUX and Storydive

“The brain is a machine for jumping to conclusions.” – Daniel Kahnema

It is time for some tough love: We are often too confident in our own intelligence as we strive to make careful and informed decisions. The fact is, nobody is free from cognitive bias and how it can change our perceptions and influence our decisions.

HELLA LUX is currently undertaking extensive research for their next project Hammer&Egg – an interactive audiowalk about misinformation and cognitive bias. In this experience, we want to highlight how we perceive and interpret information and explore how decisions are made. Together with the startup Storydive, we are researching, rehearsing, and tinkering to create this immersive experience that will lead our listeners down the streets of Hamburg, and the pathways of their own judgment, thought processes, and ways of thinking.

Hammer&Egg will start a thought experiment that deals with the broad topic of misinformation and the process of how we perceive. Like a mirror, our assumptions of the world around us paint a vivid picture of how we judge our environment and this project aims to start a reflective process that can lead to more caution and humility in the decision-making process. As misinformation is not always easy to spot Hammer&Egg aims to equip its listeners with the tools to identify misinformation, and to educate them in the ways in which the smallest change in phrasing or an out of context statement can influence the outcome of an interaction.