Through the support programme for startups, SMEs and artists by, We
at Factiverse had the opportunity to pitch and be selected for the BUILD phase.

Our aim is to provide patented AI-driven tools to journalists and content creators that will
enable them to produce their finest work more quickly and stop the spread of false
information. Thereby using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language
Processing(NLP) , we offer automated debunking of misinformation and a reliability check
for any online information.

We are building a B2B media tool that emphasises credibility and fact-checking. Our solution
consists of a search engine/algorithm that is specifically designed for fact-checking and
research, as well as an API for frontend, backend, or content management systems (CMS).
Up until this point, a tech sprint had been used to create a simple login option, tested it, and
then we conducted another tech sprint to create a better login for the users. We are
continuously developing the tool and testing our business model by reaching out to
potential clients. Thus far we have distributed the sample link to many journalists in Norway
and compiled a list international journalists to reach out.

Further, we attended the Global Fact conference in Oslo with 400 fact-checkers from
around the Globe and gained more insight into their difficulties and also presented our
solution to leading media in Norway at the Media City Bergen Fact conference in June.
The project will provide journalists a competitive advantage by enabling them to find
reliable information more quickly and accurately.

We have released our prototype which gives you the choice of verifying any claim or
copying your own text and verifying all of its claims. Kindly use the feedback section to share
your comments about our prototype.

You may always get in touch with us to find out more on how our softwares might help
individuals understand information about specific topics more quickly and easily!