HEAD RADIO is a board game that blends physical and digital experiences in order to equip players with the skills needed to better navigate the modern information landscape.

It is essential for us to design an engaging and entertaining educational game that can reach a wider audience and encourage skill development through play in today’s fast-paced world. The game will introduce players to terms and concepts that are commonly used in the fields of information analysis, investigative journalism, open-source intelligence, and citizen journalism.

One of the most unique aspects of HEAD RADIO is its innovative approach to tackling a predominantly
online issue – misinformation and disinformation – with an analog solution: a board game. The players will
engage in hands-on, collective problem-solving through our game, igniting important discussions about the difficulties presented by our digital environment.

In short: The plot of Head Radio begins with a global conspiracy theory that takes control of the entire planet. The players’ goal is to gather information in order to identify the conspiracy’s leader and so save the entire world.

In the game, players will be presented with information from various sources (the other players) and must determine which sources to trust and which sources to question. This process mirrors real-world situations in which individuals are constantly bombarded with information from numerous sources and must determine which ones are credible and trustworthy.

How it started


In the last few months, we have been working hard to create a game that not only raises awareness but also fosters media literacy and enhances players’ critical thinking skills. In the development of HEAD RADIO, we have incorporated open data in a truly innovative way, serving as one of the main components behind the game’s narrative. By integrating open data into the heart of the game, HEAD RADIO highlights its importance as a resource for knowledge and informed decision-making.

How it’s going

It’s been a thrilling journey so far and we are incredibly grateful for the support and encouragement from Media Futures and the other teams part of cohort 3. We’re excited to continue our journey toward completing the game.
As we move forward, we remain committed to creating a game that entertains, educates, and empowers the players.

Stay tuned for more updates on our progress!

The game is a collaboration between CONCEPT STUDIO and Momchil Alexiev.