Unmasking Fake News: The Power of Collective Wisdom

In today’s world, fake news is pervasive, infiltrating every corner of our lives. As Hungarians, we’ve experienced the consequences of misinformation since 2010, and we understand the urgent need for innovative solutions. The fakingNE.WS project brings artists and startuppers to tackle this challenge by creatively deconstructing, analyzing, and raising awareness of the misinformation landscape.

Instead of relying solely on fact-checkers and traditional media organizations, the fakingNE.WS project empowers individuals to become active participants in the fight against fake news. By engaging the public, we can harness the collective wisdom of diverse communities to discern reality from fiction.

This groundbreaking MediaFutures initiative maps the journeys of stakeholders, media professionals, artists, and everyday people whose lives have been affected by fake news. The result is a living library of personal, evergreen video testimonies that reveal the human impact of misinformation.

FakingNE.WS goes beyond merely documenting these stories; it fosters interactive video discussions that bring together stakeholders from various backgrounds. By shaping our perceptions of reality, we can collectively discuss the challenges that lie ahead.

By joining the fakingNE.WS project, you’ll be part of a powerful movement to demystify fake news and safeguard our collective future. Let’s stand united against misinformation and create a more transparent, truthful world together. Don’t just be a passive observer—be an agent of change.