This month we have started the third and final cohort of the MediaFutures.EU program. We were able to meet with the 24 new teams of startups and artists from all over Europe and can now start shaping together their projects to tackle misinformation and disinformation in the media industry.

During this first phase of the program, the “START Phase”, we have the chance to interact with the teams on different occasions and provide our expertise from the venture capital market and business side. 

  • First, we have 1on1 sessions, to get to know each other and start defining the main goals of the projects. 
  • Then, as part of the acceleration program, we are able to provide training sessions and give the teams feedback, recommendations, and best practices on their business models and pitching skills to get them ready for their final jury presentations where 13/24 startups and artists will be selected to proceed to the “BUILD Phase”. 
  • Finally,  at this early stage, the whole NMA team gets involved, coaches directly the teams, and rehearses the team’s pitch presentations. 

We are very excited to be part of this last chapter of MediaFutures and can’t wait to see how projects evolve in the following weeks. 

Good luck everyone and welcome to the START Phase 🚀🚀