Tuesday 10 November, some of us had the chance to take part in the ODI Summit 2020. During a day over 1,000 delegates from 72 countries joined this online event and discussed how humanity can harness the power of data in a changing world. Brilliant talks, panels, roundtables covered different themes, from health data, to data for policymaking and data in a regional and an international context. Coronavirus was at the heart of the discussions, confirming the relevance of our first open call challenge.

We want to share the thought-provoking quotation from Stephen Browning from Innovate UK : “Data is like sand. It’s everywhere and unevenly distributed. It’s useless on its own but in the right hands it has a lot of value. Frankly, if it gets in the wrong places it can be inconvenient and uncomfortable!’

To discover the recorded sessions and panels, visit the ODI youtube channel.