People Supported Intelligence

Diversity of information and deliberation are crucial for tackling complex problems. However, partisanship/homophily (the tendency to interact more often with like-minded people) negatively shape today’s interactions, with real consequences for local communities.

People Supported Intelligence (PSi) is a platform for a new type of online dialogue that fosters consensus from opposing views. PSi changes the order in which viewpoints are discussed. Instead of communication happening with similar people first and then trying to resolve the conflict between like-minded communities, PSi structures communication around the discussion of diverging ideas first. Users find solutions to community problems in small groups. PSi helps them converge to a consensus.

Our project is built on our combined 20 years of experience and PSi is designed around principles of collective intelligence and group facilitation.

PSi is our response to the challenge “Building bridges” in the Startup for Citizens track.


PSi is developed by SURU Together Ltd. SURU creates participatory experiences for communities and organizations that use collective intelligence design principles. SURU offers unique expertise in facilitating teams’ decision making and creativity.


MediaFutures has concluded and our social media channel will no longer be active.

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MediaFutures was part of the S+T+ARTS ecosystem.

MediaFutures is part of the S+T+ARTS ecosystem.