Hammer&Egg (previously Blind Spots) is an interactive audio walk which adapts dynamically to changing real world parameters. It focuses on cognitive biases and how they make us vulnerable to misinformation and manipulation.

The audio walk draws the audience’s attention to the extent to which cognitive biases shape their everyday lives. It also addresses how trust and a sense of belonging can be built and abused based on seemingly shared experience. Thus, Hammer&Egg becomes a reflection on the preconditions of one’s decision-making and to what extent they literally determine our path.

Audio walks invite listeners to playfully interact with a story. The real world environment becomes the setting for a fictional narrative which addresses topics where they are particularly relevant – and thus tangible. The integration of real world parameters into the audio walk medium opens up a range of topics such as data literacy, the design of public space and the local impact of global crises such as climate change.


HELLA LUX is a Germany based artist collective that develops performances, audio walks and installations with a focus on auditive experiences. Their work addresses a broad and diverse audience and offers an accessible dialog on complex social and political issues.

SBAE stands for Situation Based Audio Experiences and creates immersive audio experiences for the real world. The startup supports companies, cultural and educational institutions and artists in producing and publishing audio walks. Their main product is the Storydive App, the first platform for interactive audio walks.










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MediaFutures was part of the S+T+ARTS ecosystem.

MediaFutures is part of the S+T+ARTS ecosystem.