The Covid-19 pandemic has given rise to an infodemic of misinformation and growing societal divisions. DEEP will leverage novel research in behavioural science, data feminism and Virtual Reality (VR) to enable engagement and reflection around complex and dividing topics like COVID-19. It aims to foster an increased understanding of others and their perspectives with the ambition to build bridges within and across communities in our society.

DEEP provides an innovative tool and creates an immersive VR experience to stimulate reflection, learning, and understanding by promoting context and facilitating an emotional and constructive processing of data.


XR Impact specializes on using XR technology for social good. The team around DEEP brings key expertise from strategy consulting, VR, AI, Behavioural and Data Science, and together they leverage technology and art to deliver high-impact projects.


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    MediaFutures is part of the S+T+ARTS ecosystem.

    MediaFutures is part of the S+T+ARTS ecosystem.