How to read a Library

© Mariana Lanari, Social Library / Active Voice, Casa do Povo SP, 2018
Photo: Rubens Crispim Jr

How to Read a Library addresses collective mapping, visualization and ‘reading’ in relation to complex bodies of data in cultural libraries. Taking into account that “big data is not just ‘a lot of data’; but also new combinations and continuous flows of data.”¹

The project departs from the questions: Can we use collections of physical libraries to imagine access to knowledge in digital libraries? Can we use digital tools to allow readers to link data, share and collaborate within and across libraries? Can algorithms, AI and machine learning enhance reading experience and promote digital literacy instead of profiling, targeting advertisement and surveillance? Is it possible to make the library a safe digital space?

By looking at the collection as data, we will explore methods to enhance access and discovery in libraries and digital collections.

¹ “Creating value through responsible access to and use of big data” in: Portfolio for Research and Innovation. Dutch National Research Agenda, 2016.


Studio Remco van Bladel is a multidisciplinary design studio in Amsterdam focussing on, publishing tools, identities, typefaces, interactive applications and websites. He is co- founder of publishing house Onomatopee and online platform WdW Review.

Mariana Lanari is a performance artist, researcher and, PhD candidate at the Amsterdam School of Heritage and Memory / University of Amsterdam. Her research is about the interaction between politics of reading and reading infrastructures.

Websites: Archival Consciousness, Studio Remco van Bladel, Mariana Lanari, Rainbowpeel

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    MediaFutures is part of the S+T+ARTS ecosystem.