Questvertising as an alternative for hard paywalls that keeps the reliable content open to the general public.

The solution is called questvertising, also known as “”moneyless paywall””. It`s a combination of advertising and a content gate in which users “”pay”” by answering a question, usually concerning the ad, what generates a significant income for publishers. In return for the answer, the user gets access to the rest of the article. Thanks to that, advertisers gain a very effective advertising tool, and publishers receive high revenues without closing their content behind a hard paywall. So the reliable content remains open to the general public.

Only about 5% of people are willing to pay for news. Media focused on clickbait will be always for free but they often promote misinformation (Sputnik News will be always for free), the rest media are going towards hard paywalls. But reliable information shouldn`t become a premium content only for the reach. The solution for that can be the questvertising.


Questpass is a moneyless paywall combined with a new ad format, that is called questvertising. We ask users to answer a simple question concerning the ad displayed above. The reward is free access to the content, for example to an online article.

Thanks to that we deliver:

  • 100% ad visibility,
  • 0% banner blindness
  • no ad fraud (quest works like captcha)
  • access to adblock users

For publishers we multiply their revenue because our ad-formats are much more effective and valuable.


MediaFutures has concluded and our social media channel will no longer be active.

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MediaFutures was part of the S+T+ARTS ecosystem.

MediaFutures is part of the S+T+ARTS ecosystem.