Time-lapse migration

La Tempesta team & office (Image: La Tempesta)

The objective of “Time-lapse migration” digital tool is to counter misinformation and disinformation on refugee phenomenon in Europe, by giving a wider context and different lights on the migration fluxes, their motivations, problems but also past episodes of forced migration in Europe and their contributions to European culture

We want to have a real impact on society by opening this tool for individuals who would like to experience new narratives, or for educational purposes, as well as cultural institutions. The virtual and physical exhibit will be another facet of this project and will contribute to the message visibility and dissemination through a different language. The idea is to translate the refugee’s stories into visual language using AI.

Our team is highly motivated to implement the idea for several reasons. It corresponds to the core value of our activities, which is always to produce meaningful works that address contemporary challenges.


La Tempesta (Start-up) + Varvara&Mar (Artist) team is multidisciplinary combining humanistic, artistic, technological and social science backgrounds. Our origins are diverse (Spain, Greece and Estonia) and we work with GLAMs and also on refugee projects. 

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    MediaFutures is part of the S+T+ARTS ecosystem.