Trolls vs Elves. I-doc

“Trolls vs Elves” i-doc is a synergy between a documentary film and a game. It delves into the issue of disinformation online in the context of Ukrainian refugees, investigating the operations of internet trolls and activists called Cyber Elves.

This interactive documentary focusing on the anti-refugee narratives trending on social media will consist of real-life footage, network analysis and data visualisation. Players, guided by activists and experts, will learn and practice how to spot, debunk and resist online manipulation. Facing sets of facts and fake news, they will need to investigate data and decide what is false and true in order to progress through the documentary and fulfil the assigned mission.


Aleks Rydzkowska is a visual and technical artist working in the areas of media and new technologies for art, majoring in documentary and experimental filmmaking. Her current research explores immersive and interactive narratives and prospects of ethical visual media at the service of social change.

In “Trolls vs Elves”, she partners with Dr David Young. His research-oriented artworks engage with the politics of computing, with a particular focus on the military history of digital networking.



Aleks Rydzkowska

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MediaFutures is part of the S+T+ARTS ecosystem.