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tools, best practices, and interesting experiences to tackle misinformation

MediaFutures has received funding from the Europèan Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme that, over three years (started on 1st September 2020), has delivered multiple outcomes that benefit start-ups, artists, innovation hubs and the media landscape. MediaFutures offered support to 51 startups or SMEs and 43 artists through three Open Calls, distributing a total amount of €2.5M. 

The impact of the programme is far-reaching, fostering collaboration and innovation across the media value chain.


Discover how to address challenges of disinformation with our toolkit

The MediaFutures Toolkit is a resource for innovators and artists, and everyone working in-between business and arts. It focuses on art/AI interactions and their application to counter misinformation. It enables the use of the arts, and trans-disciplinary STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) approaches more widely, to increase understanding of and participation in AI by a larger part of the public.

The toolkit is driven by the expertise of the MediaFutures partners across a range of fields, and collates insights gained from our work with start-ups and artists in the MediaFutures support programme.

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Lessons Learned

Open Calls, Project Evaluation & Diversity

We have interviewed Igor Idareta, European R&D Project Consultant at Zabala Innovation as well as Tara Lee, Senior Consultant at the Open Data Institute to give us some insights on the experiences we made running Open Calls, finding and evaluating suitable startup and artist teams as well as the role of diversity and inclusion in projects like MediaFutures.

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Collaboration between Startups and Artists

We have interviewed Hugues Vinet, Director of Innovation and Research Means at IRCAM and Nico Lumma, Managing Partner at NMA to give us some insights on the experiences we made running a support programme for collaborative projects between startups and artists.

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The MediaFutures Support Programme

We have interviewed Darren Temple, Consultant at the Open Data Institute to give us some insights on the experiences we had with running a support programme that included training, mentoring and advice.

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MediaFutures Approach

We have interviewed Elena Simperl, Professor of Computer Science at King’s College London as well as Julià Vicens, Research Scientist at Eurecat to give us some insights on the experiences we made running design experiments with several projects in order to perform research on the fields of computational social science, human-computer interaction or artificial intelligence as well as the overall approach applied in the MediaFutures’ support programme.

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Policy Briefs

Ensuring Ethical AI Practices to counter Disinformation

Disinformation has become a critical issue in today’s interconnected world, with deliberate spread of false or misleading information posing significant threats to democracy, social cohesion, and public trust. The rise of digital platforms and social media has worsened the problem, making it harder to distinguish truth from falsehood and amplifying the impact of disinformation. This policy brief aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of disinformation and offer policy recommendations to mitigate its harmful effects.

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Media Innovation in Entrepreneurship and Arts

The effect of media in society has been extensively discussed by scholars. The shift from “legacy media” such as print media, TV or radio broadcasting to “new media” and in particular social media had a profound impact on the dynamics of how people consume and share media and on how public opinion is formed. This policy brief aims to provide a selective overview of some of the most pressing challenges we observed during our work at MediaFutures in the media landscape.

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Legal and Ethical Challenges for Startups and Artists

Technology and innovation are a moving target for legislation and policy initiatives. Often described as “lagging behind”, having relevant and up to date legislation is a real challenge when it comes to technological innovation. This policy brief aims at explaining how MediaFutures approached the legal questions related to data and innovation, what were the legal challenges encountered by the teams and recommendations for policymakers to address these challenges.

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Success Stories

The success stories of seven selected teams from the three MediaFutures cohorts and from all tracks are presented. Hereby, the name, promotion picture of the team, the track, the year in which the respective open call took place, the country of origin of the team, a brief description of the candidates as well as the success story itself have been considered for each team.

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MediaFutures is part of the S+T+ARTS ecosystem.

MediaFutures is part of the S+T+ARTS ecosystem.