As part of the MediaFutures Program, we offer advisory, training, mentorship, and different event opportunities to the teams. Nevertheless, the program also encompasses a big part in the development of the projects, call it summertime! 

For this reason, summer was the time when the teams worked on their MVPs, Demos, and artworks and started to get ready for the final event of the program: DemoDay in Paris

Moreover, the teams spent also some time during the summer on these topics: 

  • Attending the impact assessment interviews and giving program feedback
  • Attending different pieces of training from Data, Ethics, and Business Development
  • Artists had their dissemination meetings
  • All tracks had a collective meeting and met online with the MediaFutures alumni to learn best practices in the program 

We have just a few weeks left and can’t wait to see the final outcomes of all the teams in Paris! 

And while we’re working with the teams to get them ready for Paris, we also went through tons of applications for the 3rd MediaFutures call and looked at many interesting projects. Obviously, it will be up to the jury to decide who can participate in the future, but we’re excited already as we have seen so many strong applications from all over Europe. 

AUTHOR: Fernanda Rojas – NMA Venture Capital GmbH