The events will be part of the BUILD phase of the MediaFutures project

MediaFutures is an innovation project supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme that aims at contributing to high-quality media activities. It establishes a data-driven innovation hub to offer grant funding and support for startups and artists through three Open Calls.

The first webinar will be about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and Social Innovation and will take place on Friday 21st of May from 11:00-12:00h CET. This training will be introducing the main principles of the SDGs, established by the United Nations, to develop sustainable business models and will present a methodology to identify potential impacts in society and increase the social value of business initiatives. This event is closed to the public and only focused on the start-ups and artists that have been selected.

It will explain how to define social risks based on the business model and implement actions to avoid them. This training will be composed by a webinar where the theoretical part of the SDGs will be explained and a case study of a technology company that has implemented this methodology. Afterwards, the participants will be encouraged to reflect and apply this to their business models. Further in time, a workshop will be organized to evaluate each practical case and help the teams. This webinar will be explained by Leire Martiarena.

The second webinar will be focused on Public Funding opportunities (+KAILA tool), this webinar will be focused on presenting the different opportunities for public funding at the European level and their benefits for SMEs and start-ups.

It will also explain KAILA a smart digital services platform to foster open innovation by facilitating the creation and management of innovation ecosystems in Europe, created by ZABALA, that allows you to identify opportunities for public funding, relevant projects, actors with whom to collaborate, as well as the most important actors in each field, monitor technological trends, individualized advice according to your interests, etc. Each team that reaches the BUILD phase will be provided with a free license for the entire program. This webinar has no date set yet but will take place during the month of July.

More about the trainings

Even though the trainings are the core of the activities that will happen in MediaFutures, this month of May, the project has executed six more webinars focused on the outcomes of the project: 

DateTime (CEST)Title & short descriptionTrackTrainer
7th15:00 – 16:30Introduction to intellectual property rightsAllKUL
13th9:00 – 15:00Practical misinformation: Numbers, models, algorithms and usAllODI
17th15:00 – 16:30Sales and Go-To Market Strategies How to define a strategy for sales and communicate about your product and its values1 hour presentation and 30min Q&ASfC & SmANMA
18th10:00 – 12:00Art-tech collaborations: best practiceSmAIRCAM
20th14:00- 18:00Mediamatch day

Connect with industry professionals

21st11:00-12:00Social innovation and the SDGsAllZABALA


*Track codes: SfC – Start-up face Citizens / SmA – Start-up meets Artist / AfM – Artist for Media

More webinars will be offered during the months of June / July but the specific dates still are still to be confirmed.