Honest Signals

Honest Signals will reinforce the importance of high-quality media and also the need for citizens to critically engage with the information that is shared via social media platforms. The data focus for the residency project is climate disinformation where the cost of a polluted information ecosystem is a failure to take the urgent action needed to save the planet.

The artwork will use data on climate disinformation and how it flows through our information ecosystem – including source, hosting, and spread. Honest Signals will include a physical installation and a playful online tool which uses data to ‘corrupt’ sound as a metaphor for how disinformation corrupts, masks or drowns out the ‘Honest Signals’ that evidence-based sources are communicating.

The project will partner with Global Witness and other organisations working on climate disinformation who are trying to promote engagement with high-quality media to enable climate action.


Julie Freeman works with natural systems and emergent technologies. Her large scale installations and online artworks have, since the early 1990s, pioneered her conceptual and critical approach to working with real-time data as a living and malleable art material.

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Julie Freeman

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MediaFutures is part of the S+T+ARTS ecosystem.