MediaFutures first open call supports projects having fresh ideas for mitigating and solving misinformation negative consequences.

At KU Leuven CiTiP as legal researchers, we observe how challenging it can be to have a legal framework fit for the constant technological evolution of our media world. We consume more and more media  and we are constantly connected via social media, news app, video streaming platform, the online presence of traditional media,… This moving ecosystem brings new challenges to the media environment such as the rapid spread of disinformation, echo chambers, filters bubble, the increase of debates polarization.

 MediaFutures is looking for artists and startups eager to reshape the media value chain through innovative, inclusive and participatory applications of data and user-generated content. For the first open call of MediaFutures, participants are invited to focus on 4 open challenges related to disinformation (also referred as fake news, misinformation). The three first ones aim to bring innovative solution to the coronavirus infodemic which keeps endangering individuals life. 

Challenge 1: Viral Complexity – Accounting for the complexity of coronavirus through data literacy
Challenge 2: Building Bridges – Reintegrating society by bridging communities
Challenge 3: The New Media-tors – Reimagining and rebuilding the role of mediators to tackle misinformation around coronavirus
Challenge 4: Open Challenge – any of the issues surrounding misinformation in innovative ways

The current speed of disinformation propagation raises serious concerns regarding the influence that it can have on fundamental rights and democracy. A media trust crisis, the demand for alternative narratives, the rise of media business model based on entertainment, visibility and publicity combined with the constant technological innovation, the apparition of AI tools conducting profiling, contributed notably to the creation of an environment ideal for rapid spread of disinformation.

With MediaFutures we are looking for innovative solutions to support and strengthen quality journalism, science education, transparency and democracy, to help counteract the negative effects of misinformation across society, and help build trust in scientific and democratic institutions.

At CiTiP, the research Centre for IT & IP Law of the Faculty of Law of the University of Leuven (KU Leuven) we have a team of researchers focusing on media law. We are notably conducting research on disinformation, monitoring and analyzing the policy and legislative initiatives in the field such as the Code of practice on disinformation and the recent EU Democracy Action Plan. MediaFutures aims to promote media projects which have a positive impact for democracy and fundamental rights including freedom of expression and right to information. We are thrilled to learn more from the participants ideas and help them in relation to the high importance of the legal and ethical aspect of their project.

If you would like to read more about our various areas of expertise (Artificial Intelligence & Autonomous systems, Data Protection & Privacy, eHealth & Pharma, Ethics & Law, Intellectual Property, Media & Telecommunications and (Cyber)security or to read specifically on media law, we regularly publish on our legal blog.