The Italian Digital Media Observatory (IDMO), fighting against disinformation and fake news, was successfully launched on 20 September 2021 with a press conference at LUISS, partner of MediaFutures and coordinator of the IDMO project. 

The goals of the IDMO project, lasting 30 months, foresee the development of an operational Italian Observatory on Social Media analysis, a fact-checker coordination hub and an impactful media literacy programme. The Observatory will be a crucial national centre to collect knowledge, tools and methodologies to fight disinformation, educate citizens and professionals and inform policy makers. To contribute to the discussions on the need to quantify the impact of disinformation, IDMO will also provide an assessment of the Observatory activities on the impact of digital media literacy education and mitigation actions to limit the effect of disinformation campaigns.

The project is run by a multidisciplinary consortium with a mix of academia (LUISS, the coordinator, and University of Rome TorVergata), fact-checkers (PagellaPolitica), SMEs (NewsGuard, T6) and top-level media and telco operators (RAI, GEDI, TIM).

IDMO will implement a multidirectional strategy to analyze and tackle disinformation, deliver an innovative and nationwide program on Digital Media Literacy able to reach hundreds of thousands of students, teachers and millions of citizens.

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IDMO is part of the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO) network. The network of hubs on digital media will contribute to the fight against disinformation across Europe.