While AI is bringing innovation to art, as demonstrated in a previous blogpost, art is also bringing new and creative ways to use AI. The ways the artists in Media Futures do this were shared with a large and engaged audience at a symposium on Creative AI: Theory and Practice, held by the King’s/Serpentine Creative AI Lab and supported by the King’s Institute for Artificial Intelligence

In a talk entitled ‘AI Artworks Against Misinformation – Lessons from the Media Futures Project’, Professor Elena Simperl presented some of the key AI tools, datasets and strategies used by Media Futures artists in the 1st and 2nd cohorts. She discussed how AI technologies and skills in art could address some of the more challenging aspects of countering misinformation by transforming data into something audiences can hear, see and touch.

Examples shared with the audience included the artwork 730 Hours of Violence, which saw data representing new and contemporary forms of violence manifested as installations, allowing participants to engage immersively with the issues surrounding the data. Professor Simperl also highlighted how some artworks performed multiple roles, such as Editwars creating new, open datasets alongside their installation, Propaganda Soundscape Narratives.

by King’s College London