The MediaFutures project, represented by Alexandra Garatzogianni, Gerrit Rosam and Michael Fribus participated in the round table discussion on “Creative and Culture Industries: transform, innovate and enable new business opportunities”. 

The event was kicked off with a keynote speech by Member of the European Parliament Dr. Christian Ehler. He highlighted the importance of the creative and culture industries (CCIs) as a source of growth and job creation but also as a driver for innovation in Europe. He went on to explain the work of the European Innovation Council, enabling the creation of new innovation programmes to support startups and artists in the creative and culture industries (CCIs). Furthermore, he announced that further funding and support will be dedicated to innovation programmes in the CCIs.

The keynote speech was followed by a round table discussion with representatives from the EIT KIC on the CCIs, industry representatives and academia on how to improve the connection between innovation coming from European research projects and business ecosystem and industries, aiming to support the CCI’s market growth. The speakers went on to share some of their insights on how to stimulate innovation in CCIs as well as some best practices.

Gerrit Rosam from the Leibniz University Hannover at the panel discussion on Innovation Programmes in the CCI  sector

The conversation was followed up and deepened by another panel discussion of three experts from the Horizon 2020 projects Horizon 2020 projects – Mobius, S+T+ARTS Prize and MediaFutures. The speakers gave direct insights into their programmes, best practises on how to support startups and artists, the learnings they have taken away so far and shared some of their plans in terms of the sustainability of their programmes. In the discussion MediaFutures was represented by Gerrit Rosam, who talked about the impact and engagement artists are able to generate for important topics such as misinformation and disinformation. He furthermore explained some of the synergies that can be leveraged through art-tech collaborations, the difficulties and challenges of startups in the media sector as well as the impact of innovation programmes like MediaFutures on the further development of startups and artists.

The discussion round was wrapped up with some presentations and a conversation between artists and entrepreneurs who participated in Möbius, S+T+ARTS and MediaFutures. Mariana Lanari presented the MediaFutures project Bibliograph, a art-tech collaboration between the startup Archival Consciousness and the artist Remco van Bladel. Bibliograph combines two micro tools for collective linked data aggregation, text annotation and voice recording and enables libraries as well as other institutions to add to and interconnect their data in various ways. Furthermore, Mariana expanded on how this connects to her work at Archival Consciousness and explained some of the challenges, difficulties and lessons learned from the project and her work.


Mariana Lanari talking about her MediaFutures project Bibliograph

If you are interested to learn more about Bibliograph, make sure to visit their project’s website here. Also make sure to visit Archival Conciousness’ website here as well as the website of the artist Remco van Bladel here.