In MediaFutures we support pilots, artworks and experiences that use data to encourage citizens to engage more meaningfully with high-quality journalism, science education and digital citizenship. Now, we’ve created the MediaFutures Toolkit, bringing together everything we know about countering misinformation by creating effective interactions between art and AI, into a resource for innovators and artists.

The toolkit is driven by the expertise of the MediaFutures partners across a range of fields including technology, data, regulation, ethics, participation and mis- dis- and mal-information, and collates insights gained from our work with start-ups and artists in the MediaFutures support programme.

The Data Innovation Toolkit has been developed with the following groups especially in mind: 

  • entrepreneurs and artists that want to build new, sustainable data driven business models with a social or civic outlook
  • organisations that wish to collaborate with artists to generate increased value and reach of innovative products and services
  • artists who wish to collaborate with organisations to support digital democracy, citizen engagement, or science education through digital innovation

The content of the toolkit includes sections on:

  • Human/AI Interaction, which discusses human-centric AI, trustworthy AI and the role of interpretation and explainability
  • Data and AI regulation, which points the user to relevant laws and guidelines, including the recent AI Act
  • Entrepreneurship and Sustainability, which covers key aspects of business innovation and sustainability related to AI
  • Citizen Participation, a resource for anyone interested in digital democracy, how citizens can participate in civic tech and citizen science of all kinds. A section on Impact Assessment enables understanding of how the influence of art or business on its users or audience can be understood
  • Science and Art Interfaces, which provides a historical and contemporary overview of the practice of ‘artists in residence’ in business, with case studies. 

Each section can be read alone, with signposting to other relevant content throughout. 

Discover the toolkit for yourself here


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