I (be)come

eˉlektron will build an engine that will reveal the relationship between our decision-making, algorithm, and the changes in online media content we are consuming. I (be)come is an online theatre performance with which audience can interact by using polarising sliders which have statements they can choose from. The onjective is to emphasise how we both collectively and individually (in the hands of AI data analysis) participate in the change of online media content.

With that in mind, philosopher Gilbert Simondon’s works around individuation are a fruitful source to think about what constitutes an individual and how our digital twin is coming about. What is/ could be our digital twin? How does it differ from us? How does it affect us and our decision-making, emotions, worldview, etc? How does our digital twin affect the physical surrounding and vice versa?

The biggest technical and conceptual challenge is to create a meaningful algorithmic system for data analysis. As we are dealing solely with real-time situations (decision, data analysis, and live performance manipulation according to data) then how to make the traffic from the audience to actual viewable changes in the performance is another great challenge as well as the innovative tool we are eager to work on.


eˉlektron creates and presents transdisciplinary artworks/performances for both physical and virtual stage be it made with a paint brush, played by guitar, viewed through oculus or experienced as XR. As long as it speaks to us and has a twist. eˉlektron’s projects and technical development have earned the attention of several universities and researchers. Several Ph.D. students have developed their prototypes in eˉlektron’s projects.

Maike Lond has graduated Interfaculty ArtScience at Royal Academy of Arts, Den Hague. She is one of the initiators of eˉlektron collective. Maike is mainly working in the field of performing arts as a director-performer and dramaturge. A guest lecturer in Estonian Academy of Arts and Viljandi Kultuuriakadeemia.



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MediaFutures was part of the S+T+ARTS ecosystem.

MediaFutures is part of the S+T+ARTS ecosystem.