Since its launch in September 2021, the Italian Digital Media Observatory (IDMO), funded by the European Commission to study, analyse and fight disinformation, has set up different kinds of activities to raise awareness on the topic of disinformation providing tools and contents to the general public.

To convey information in an easy and quick way, IDMO has started a podcast. Experts and well-known personalities are interviewed to debate disinformation’s perils and strategies to tackle it. In particular, in the first four episodes scientists and journalists have been interviewed by project partners to dive into a path of propagation and mitigation strategies:

In the first episode Costanza Sciubba, special Editor of the Harvard Kennedy School Misinformation Review is reflecting on groups of disinformation in Italy and their strategies. In the second episode Marianna Bruschi, Chief editor of the online edition of La Stampa, talks about ways to ensure high-quality information. The third episode gives the floor to the scientists Elena Musi, assistant professor at the Liverpool University and Lorenzo Federico, researcher at the Luiss Data Lab, discussing how artificial intelligence and big data can combat disinformation. The fourth episode interviews Federica Angeli, an Italian journalist and writer, about the freedom of press and journalism under attack.

In addition, IDMO has also published first research outputs by project partners:

Newsguard published a special report on the most used topics affected by disinformation in 2021 which is available on the IDMO blog. The report also lists who are the disinformation outlets mostly followed by the public. A similar analysis has been conducted by Pagella Politica who looked at the Italian landscape. Results are available here.

To discover more about the IDMO project and its activities have a look at the IDMO website or follow the project on one of the social media channels: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube.

Note: most resources of IDMO are in Italian. For information in English, please consult the European Digital Media Observatory.