What happens when you combine AI innovation with art? The MediaFutures team will discuss this and other questions at a workshop as part of the BDVA (Bid Data Value Association) Data Week 2021.

The MediaFutures support programme sponsors a cohort of artists and innovators who work on a series of projects focused on tackling misinformation. This work, especially where artists and innovators team up to deliver projects together, raises new requirements for open/shared data availability. In our workshop, hosted by King’s College London, we will discuss the technical, legal, and organisational considerations of using data in this new environment.

Panellists will include MediaFutures Technical Lead Professor Elena Simperl (King’s College London), Hugues Vinet (IRCAM), Hannah Redler Hawes (ODI, Data as Culture), Matthew Pelowski (University of Vienna), and Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti from the MediaFutures project SoftEvidence. The panel will be moderated by Gefion Thuermer (KCL).

Together we will explore the role of data in the arts, and how it can be made more available for AI-Arts interactions and other non-traditional, data-driven projects in an ethical way.

The Data Week happens between 25th and 27th May, and registration for the week, including our workshop, is free!